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About The Product:

Where transporter maintain there accounting,service tax ,l. R. Memo, and delivery slip. Trip expance entry, online invoiceing, branch wise accounting. This first transport software which can handle accounting too. The project is on the basis of just in time because of that the details of booked items/goods, the vehicle details in which we loaded that item at consignor city, that all details reflected instantly at consignee side. The project has entry screens of lr/consignment note, truck report generation, truck arrival details, crr details (if crossing occurred), cash memo details, received cash memo details and all report generation with master records. Transport management provides a number of solutions for courier bookings/lr managment/memo managmenet. These include receiving client bookings via data entry, client onsite systems or through web bookings over the internet. These bookings flow into the radio dispatch area where the requirements are communicated to the delivery vehicles. When a booking has been completed, it moves into the booking review area for pricing adjustments. After the adjustments have been finalised, the booking is passed on to invoicing. The accounts system can then allocate incoming payments and keep track of debtors. An automatic status update for a booking may be sent back to the client either by email or the web.


• Track the distance travelled for each journey and calculate cost per litre of fuel 
• Track shipments and monitor delivery times 
• Make the best use of your vehicles by planning routes in advance 
• Each vehicles can be monitored separately and you can create reports for each vehicles type 
• Generate and print out trip sheets and bills easily with our application 
• Track driver efficiency and monitors spills/damages and accidents 
• Multiple user accounts for each of your staff with administrator options to manage these accounts 
• Comprehensive reports for any periods of time will help you develop business plans for the future 
• Extensive customization options available to you

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Many of the transport companies using software to manage their records. With the help of software they can manage all records like arrival and departure time, booking of tickets, clients data etc.

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