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About The Product:

                             A Payroll Management Software providing employees payroll, very reliably,fast, & easy  . User define Income Tax computation  slabs , deductions , payslip generation ,  leave and   loan records of the employees along with all statutory reports like Provident Fund, E.S.I.C .And ,Profession Tax, Income Tax, e TDS etc. are generated by this payroll system . Software also provides many other HR Solutions and payroll services.


Process any number of companies payroll.
Software allows to maintain photo of all employees.
User defined payslip generation format can be designed.
User defined additions; deductions & yearly additions can be made.
Formula based calculation of Payroll is done very easily.
User defined Professional Tax structure for each state separately.
Salary Payroll Processing with respect to all or selected employees .
Complete Employee details from employee's joining to employee's resignation.
Any number of Leave & Loans can be created with direct loan Re-payment.
E.M.I / Interest Calculations for all the loans can be defined very easily using this Payroll soft     
Merging of various Swap Card Data into the Payroll softwareis very easy.
Powerful password check for data entry.

Employee Details:

Employees'   details  like  designation , department ,branch, photos , contacts             qualification history details, leave details can be maintained in the Payroll                      software.
Employee's Payroll structure can be maintained very easily using this payroll.
Muster can be generated.
Payslip / Bonus calculation & loan calculation can be done.
User defined slabs can be entered for income Tax, Professional Tax states, Std           Deduction, PF, ESIC, & Surcharge.

Loan Management:

Loan can be managed in the Payroll software on the basis of Fixed Interest                 Calculation & Reducing Interest Calculation.      
Loan Settlement & deductions can be user defined.
User defined loan types can be created.

Leave Management:

User Defined leaves can be created.
Detailed leave transactions can be maintained.
Details of opening balance with the leave for the year can be available.
Leave encashment with month-wise leave taken is available.
Leave utilized & balance report is available.

Report Generation:


Payslips can be taken out in various formats & can also be customized.
Options to take out Branch wise, Department wise, Designations wise payslips.
Salary statement register for the respective months is also available in various 


Employees Profile with/without Photos can be included in the Payrollsoftware.
Appointment \ Increment Letter.

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With the Employee Management System your company can have a powerful yet easy-to-use human resources system.

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