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                          BravoSoftSolution is a software development company with specialized skill of knowing how to do software development services.With a insight of creating a competitive advantage in Software and Web development world and becoming the most valued partner of our clients, we deliver high quality business management solutions.

About The Product:

                    We provide design and development services of real estate website, real estate B2B and B2C portal development, mortgage application development and other custom web application development according to your real estate business needs. We offer efficient real estate web development solutions that simplify your business processes enhance efficiency of your staff as well as end-users. We provide advanced application development with features essential for better management of real estate business.

The Real Estate applications provide an easy and efficient way to publish online rental property and property for sale listings without technical expertise. Real estate software presents the listings and agents on smartphones and other handheld devices. Users can quickly find property listings by search or simply by browsing categories. Links to listings can be featured in appropriate areas throughout the site. Sellers and lessors can submit property listings online for administrative review, edit and publication. Authorized agents, sellers or lessors can self-publish property listings in real-time.


                Real estate application software return on investment is maximized by minimizing content administrative and site operations costs while increasing revenues.

  •  Professionally publishes and manages listings quickly and easily, without technical expertise 
  •  Full-featured and ready to go today - right "off-the-shelf" 
  •  Low Total Cost of Ownership - Low start up & training costs with continuing low operating costs      
  •    Distributed and automated content management minimizes administrative time and costs Real estate agents and sellers can easily self-publish, increasing site content and traffic 
  • A versatile real estate marketing tool that can be used to publish descriptive information, photo galleries, open house dates, and links to rich media for each property

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