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About The Product:

  • Restaurant Management Software is a powerful tool to help manage your inventory and increase your profits. You may have been toying with the idea but then convinced yourself it was too expensive ask yourself these questions: Do you know your theoretical food cost for your overall operation for last month? Do you know what you should have used versus what you actually used on all your stock items? Are you charging the right selling price for everything on our menu? If your food cost is high this month, were would you look? Restaurant Management Software can provide you with those answers in an easy to use solution. It provides the solution that will show you Actual vs. Theoretical variances on every inventory item.

  •  In addition, it will also help you analyze your menu items for sales analysis, popularity and profitability. Imagine seeing your Opening and Closing Inventory Counts, Purchases, Actual Usage and Theoretical all in one place, that is the power of restaurant Management Software. Restaurant Management Software can also save you in Labor as well. Scheduling software can make simple work of scheduling your staff, coverage of shifts and saving money. It's all about 15 minutes in the restaurant business and if you can save ½ hour a day imagine how much that could mean per year. 

Payroll exports are also usually included in these scheduling packages so you can save hours of work every pay week. There are many other restaurant management software packages available that can monitor equipment functionality, track food temps, help in guest reservation and seating, gift card and frequent visit programs and many, many more. Visit to get a comprehensive listing of restaurant management software available. Here's how to put things into perspective. If you do 1 million in sales and restaurant management software could save you as little as 1%, that's $10,000 back to your bottom line. If you want to get your operation under control, don't hesitate, get restaurant management software for you operation today.

Better Software Equals Better Service:

Our software will:
Increase the speed of customer service!
Increase the accuracy of orders!
Improve the quality of your food!
Prevent theft!

Better Tracking Equals Higher Profit:

What if you could:
Know exactly how much each dish costs each time you sell it?
Reduce product waste?
Accurately order the product you will need?
Find out which of your employees are trying to cheat you?
Define recipes for each of your items. Use true first-in, first-out inventory, ordering and receiving, and you can see exactly what your food cost is in each dish you serve. Because BPA Restaurant Professional includes a complete inventory module, you can see your true cost and profit for every item on every order!
Knowing what your true ingredient requirements are and tracking sales volume trends for your products, you can order what you need, and only what you need. Integrated waste tracking lets you track waste usage for every shift of every day.
Password controls and printed cook's and customer receipts prevent employees from selling your food and pocketing the money. One restaurant owner reported firing every employee in his staff after BPA Restaurant Professional showed him what his staff was doing to him!
BPA Restaurant Professional helps you stop up the holes where money is leaking out of your business!

Restaurant System has following features:

 • Touch Screen based KOT and Billing 
 • User defined Menu and Modifier with Today's Special
 • Tag each item with photo for easy identification 
 • Add modifiers like "Less Spicy", "No Onion" and "Make it 1 by 2" 
 • Reorder, move table and move items 
 • Single order can be distributed to multiple kitchen and bar 
 • Redirect all printing to nearby working printer 
 • Secure Void function control 
 • Tip accounting and Reservation system 
 • Manage stock of premium liquor 
 • Graphical Layout of Restaurant floor 
 • Analysis reports with Graphs and Pivot 
 • Strict control on raw material supply and payment 
 • Recipe management with Production 
 • Physical Stock taking and Variance reporting 
 • Food Costing and Menu Engineering 
 • Rate Contract / Price List for monthly supplies 
 • Various loyalty scheme & membership transcription 
 • Pre-defined customer discount and happy hour pricing 
 • Know your guest's favorite food 
 • Improved service and Reduced labor costs 

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